Upload the completed assignment using the file extension format Lastname_Firstname_Week8.doc. : You can team up with one of your classmates to complete the assignment (not

Upload the completed assignment using the file extension format Lastname_Firstname_Week8.doc. : You can team up with one of your classmates to complete the assignment (not more than two in a team); if you want to work on the assignment individually, that’s also fine. If you are working in teams, then only one submission is required per team; include both the team members’ last names as part of the assignment submission file name as well as in the assignment submission document. provide detailed solutions to the following problems/exercises (1 problem/exercise x 16 points): 1) Read the case study below and comprehensively answer the questions a) to d) at the end of the case study. Empty cans of Pringles could be ing malicious hackers spot wireless networks that are open to attack. Security companies have demonstrated that a directional antenna made with a Pringles can most often significantly improves the chances of finding wirelessly networked computers. An informal survey carried out by I-Sec (an Internet security research company) using the homemade antenna found that over two-thirds of the networks surveyed were doing nothing to protect themselves. Known as the “Pringles Cantenna,” these are rapidly becoming popular because they are cheap (under $10) and easy to setup. Not surprisingly, wireless network security, particularly regarding wireless local area networks, is the number one concern of network managers, and an entire industry has grown to serve the ever-changing demands of wireless-network-based information integrity. As companies and home users have gradually adopted wireless technology, special security precautions are required to deal with the unique nature of wireless communications. After all, wireless purposely puts information out on the airwaves, and anyone within range and equipped with an appropriate receiver (e.g., Pringles Cantenna) would be able to grab this information and put it to all kinds of questionable use. Since this is the case, many wireless networks implement inherent authentication and encryption mechanisms to provide basic assurance to wireless users that their information will at least be difficult to decrypt and their networks at least challenging to crack. a) Create an analysis report based on a thorough Internet search that discusses the tips, techniques, and best practices to protect against this type of hacking. b) Include a summary of the types of detection and prevention technology available, specifically the use of firewalls and intrusion detection software. c) In your analysis report, include the current statistics on identity theft, the number of times networks are hacked, and the total annual cost of online security breaches to corporations. d) During your research, consider finding statistics on the percentage of companies that have yet to implement adequate security measures and the percentage of companies that spend 5percent or less of their IT budgets on security for their networks. : 1) As a general guideline, try to limit your answers to two to four pages (i.e. not more than a page for each of the case study questions) 2) cite all references that you use. Refer to the “Assignments” section in the syllabus and the “Course Orientation” document for more information/instructions regarding assignment submissions.

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