GLOBAL ISSUES Research Exam #1 / Human Rights Overview The most important resources of any group, organization and even country, are human beings. Human life

GLOBAL ISSUES Research Exam #1 / Human Rights Overview The most important resources of any group, organization and even country, are human beings.  Human life is important.  This importance should be universal.  Yet, from the beginning of time, humans have attempted to place a value or premium on one human life over another.  The discrepancy in the value of a human life is worldwide. The United States of America has a compromised history in regards to Human Rights.  The USA has violated the human rights of Africans wrongly enslaved, Japanese-Americans detained during WWII and certainly Native Americans, the indigenous people of what we today call the Americas.  People who practice Catholicism and Judaism, along with the LBGTQ community have faced often violent biases in America. Today, in addition to the historic biases against the people groups referenced above, people of Hispanic ancestry are among the latest targets of unfair and unhuman treatment on American soil. It should be noted, human rights violations in America extend beyond the fore-referenced groups to include issues like mass incarceration. People, human beings, are at the center of Globalization and thus Global Issues.  The driving force behind Globalization (the integration of markets, politics, values and environmental concerns across borders) are people.  Obviously, the treatment of people is front and center. Because Globalization has created a super-rich class, a 21 st century Gilded Age , many people around the world view immigration as a problem.  People who are not native to a country, taking jobs, burdening public institutions, such as schools, hospitals…and increasing crime.  Human rights advocates deny these beliefs as being false and having no bases in reality. Because, today, the USA is the world’s lone superpower and a great democracy, since its preeminence after WWII, people around the world have viewed the USA as the protector of human freedoms. In the opinions of many in America and worldwide, the Trump Administration has diminished the United States of America’s role as a vanguard/protector of human rights.  Continued outcry over the Trump Administration’s detainment and separation of immigrant families, and the USA’s withdrawal from the United Nations’ (UN) Human Rights Council.  The council that replaced the UN’s Commission on Human Rights, first chaired by former USA First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. Moreover, the Trump Administration’s support of the Russian Federation and ill-treatment of the Saudi murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Most recently, America’s silent with the reported executions of North Korea officials because of failed nuclear weapons negotiations with the USA. Instructions After viewing the video links 1 below, in not more than three paragraphs, answer the following question. Are the human rights of people around the world jeopardized because of USA indifference or withdrawal from the UN’s Human Rights Council ? use complete sentences and standard grammar.   Your essay should be coherent (introduction, thesis sentence, defense of thesis statement and conclusion). If additional references are used, list them on a reference page using APA citation formats. The rubric on page five of the class syllabus will be ful. The assignment must be submitted in a Microsoft WORD document to the D2L dropbox folder by, 8:00 p.m. on June 6, 2019.  This assignment relates to information in chapters one, two, four and seven in the course textbook. Students are encouraged to use additional research sources. 1 If the link does not launch the website, copy and paste the link to access the video. rights-council

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