Do you agree with the legislature’s decision to expand gun rights? Do you like open carry? How about campus carry? What is the reasoning behind

Do you agree with the legislature’s decision to expand gun rights?  Do you like open carry?  How about campus carry?  What is the reasoning behind your position? Your post should demonstrate a good understanding of the topic. -In 2015, the Texas legislature passed two major bills expanding gun rights, and a modified form of .  Beginning in 2016, people with concealed handgun licenses (CHL) are now able to openly wear their weapons in holders strapped to their wastes or shoulders.   This measure is known as open carry. The legislature also enacted a modified form of campus carry.  CHL holders will be able to carry their weapons on university campuses beginning in August 2016 and community college campuses starting in August 2017.  However, college and university presidents may create gun-free zones after consulting with students, faculty and staff about “specific safety considerations and the uniqueness of the campus environment.”

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