A particle moves along the x axis. It is initially at the position 0.330 m, moving with velocity 0.250 m/s and acceleration -0.330 m/s 2

A particle moves along the x axis. It is initially at the position 0.330 m, moving with velocity 0.250 m/s and acceleration -0.330 m/s 2 . Suppose it moves with constant acceleration for 3.40 s. We take the same particle and give it the same initial conditions as before. Instead of having a constant acceleration, it oscillates in simple harmonic motion for 3.40 s around the equilibrium position x = 0. Hint : the following problems are very sensitive to rounding, and you should keep all digits in your calculator. Find its phase constant ϕ 0 if cosine is used for the equation of motion. Hint: when taking the inverse of a trig function, there are always two angles but your calculator will tell you only one and you must decide which of the two angles you need. ___________ rad Find its position after it oscillates for 3.40 s. _______ m Find its velocity at the end of this 3.40 s time interval. ________ m/s

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