150 words reply to this if you agreed or disagree A police officer in bodies the laws that govern and protect the citizens of this

150 words  reply to this if  you agreed or disagree A police officer in bodies the laws that govern and protect the citizens of this nation. A police officer maintains order, protects life and liberty. The quality of police services can be contributed to the methods and strategies utilized by a police department in addressing the ongoing and evolving criminal activity within its communities. According to Lortz (2017), community policing and broken windows theories are two policing strategies that have been utilized to address and combat criminality. Lortz defines community policing as, a  strategy that fosters and promotes an organizational partnership with police officers, community leaders, and citizens to develop or improve strategies to address crime and social disorder. These strategies also incorporate new and creative problem-solving techniques. Lortz defines the broken window theory as, a strategy that maximizes the use of officer presence in a crime-ridden community with the intention to restore public safety and order. There is minimal use of community partnership and resources on creating methods to address criminal activity; the philosophy is to address all minor crimes to  immediately to prevent serious crimes. Both of these theories have influenced today’s policing methods and have addressed criminality and improve public safety. As a police officer, the knowledge and experience you obtain from working within a community give you insight on current and historical problems plaguing a community to include criminality, social, economic factors, cultural influences, and police perception. A police officer that supports and foster the use of community problem-solving and broken windows theories and applies the abovementioned knowledge and experience can improve the community he or she serves. For example in a community that encompasses the higher social, economic class, the broken window theory may be used to prevent more crimes from occurring. Increased police presence to include increased traffic enforcement and police contact in higher class neighborhoods will deter individuals with criminal intent. Problem-oriented policing are impacted by the leadership style utilized within a police department. Leadership style can impact the implementation of theories and strategies. The three identified police leadership styles are Authoritative leadership, Transactional leadership, and Transformational leadership. Transformational leadership style is beneficial, allows officers to give feedback to supervisors improves the line of communication and assists with identifying areas of policing or strategies that need to be changed to improve service. This leadership style promotes innovation by allowing officers to apply critical thinking and create ideas to address adaptive criminal activity. you for your feedback. Ches References Lortz, M. (2017, June 20). Retrieved from everbridge: https://www.everbridge.com/blog/community-policing-vs-broken-windows- whats-the-difference/

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